BOOST Your HR Interview Hacking
WIN BIG in Round One: The 5 Resources You Need to Make Sure You Impress HR/Recruiters 

Plus BONUS: Salary Ratio Audio!
Win big in the first round of screening. This is where you establish your positioning in the candidate line. Start strong. And stay there.

Your first interview round is the one that makes or breaks your momentum.  And this simple-yet-strategic toolkit focuses on what’s going on behind the curtains that most candidates ignore and send them packing instead of to Round 2.

I want that for you -- to see you go from the first round of interviews to the first month starting the career of your dreams.

I understand how frustrating it can be to look for a job. There are so many other candidates who seem to skate through the interview process. Yet, you find yourself struggling to get the initial interview and to get past the HR interview!

That is why I created the “Interview Skills Booster”.

What you will receive in this toolkit:

One editable cheat sheet to use before your interviews (not a clunky PDF) so you keep track of the key highlights you should focus on (i.e. skills, leadership, etc)
Q&A analysis of real answers given to real questions HR professionals have used to evaluate a candidate’s cultural fit for their companies so you can derive your own answers that woo them based on your real life experiences
Real interview responses from internal and external candidates who went for jobs in various sectors so you glean experience without the pain of loss
Audio support walking you step-by-step through the toolkit to help you effectively hack your next HR interview so that you move forward to your interview with your prospective direct manager…and ultimately land your dream job
Salary Target Audio: Hear how to use the salary frameworks in this arsenal to create the conversation around salary expectations that will get you the compensation you want
And as a BONUS to all this: A guided audio on how to master the art of using a word cloud to help you see, in seconds!, how you stack up against a stated job description so you can focus your prep time on the very skills HR is going to question you about.
Your first interview round is the one that makes or breaks your momentum. And as a business exec with aspirations of securing a top position in a leading organization, you won’t waste a single chance to interact with an influencer in your job search and on your path toward success.
What people have to say about this product:
Donald Davis
U.S. Coast Guard Officer
"This tool kit allows you to see the interview process from the HR professional’s perspective which gives the interviewee a competitive advantage. The subtle differences between showcasing your skill set to a HR professional versus a hiring manager are discussed and a useful HR interview readiness scorecard is provided. The audio file was especially enlightening with regards to gleaning useful information from the HR professional prior to interviewing with the hiring manger."
Marco A. Ramirez Contreras
Telecom Sales  
"I used the HR toolkit to prepare myself with answers that would sell myself to the HR recruiter as the best choice for the job. As a sales professional , we understand the importance of having a sales process in place and be able to understand the "why" behind it. The HR Toolkit does both, it has a process to get past the HR Recruiter and explains the "why" behind the method. Any sales professional wanting to advance in his or her career  should invest in himself or herself to be ready and armed to get past the gatekeeper (HR recruiter)."
Robert HoSang
Media Executive
"The “How to Hack an HR Screening Interview” toolkit is my most valued resource for any career conversation, not just my HR interviews. The one-sheet has been indispensable to help me frame my value and pitch in a variety of conversations. Since using the toolkit I have have had much more successful conversations with HR screeners and recruiters. It has also helped me better think through which positions are a good fit by taking into account all the variables for the position."
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